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Upon a Silver Platter

I haven't stopped since 5:30 this morning...long trouble...almost a quarter of a million miles on the van now so we have had 3 hickups in the last 2 months...anyways, I have church tonight and I am going to rest for a few mintues. I read your reply early this morning and had hoped my day would have yielded some time. I may be worthless tonight so it may be tomorrow before I can give a single definition of public. Almost asked an Amish woman today, but didn't :) However, I have thought about the word "community" in reference to a phone and I have also thought about who says something is open and I have thought about your dream too. I have words to say. Words that say I have had some dreams of passed loved ones. The first time it was a little alarming, but now I treasure them. They are rare. Sometimes I am awake before I realize I am "spending time" with them. Tho, I believe it only to be a dream, I still bask in the experience. I'll be back with discussion when I can muster the strength to discuss :)
What, then, is the meaning of this word PUBLIC? In what great feature are the words Open, Available, and Accessible identical? I will answer this interrogatory first, and demonstrate the answer afterward. Open, Available, and Accessible are identical in the assertion of the USE of the thing that is PUBLIC,--a dogma essentially inviting, welcoming, and hospitable in opposition to the basic principles of all the Private institutions of society, which make the Individual subordinate and subject to the Owner, to the Club, and to Class respectively. The individual now being unfettered from meeting societal expectations prior to participation in or use of things within the public realm, but I will make the still more sweeping assertion that is substantially the whole of this word pubic: Without Prejudice is not merely a feature, as I have just denominated, but the living soul itself, the vital energy, the integral essence or being of PUBLIC.
Now sir, if that is too much of a sentence, please speak with Mr. Andrews and ask him to whittle it down a bit. Otherwise, I believe that I have captured the word Public to mean: For Use Without Prejudice.
And now sir, if you be so inclined to deliver upon a silver spoon, please, what is that one absolutely true fact, and every attempt to disprove this fact proves it?
Proverbs 25:11 KJV
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.