Comment: Burn your frns

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Burn your frns

Meanwhile, those who invested in my attending the CA GOP Spring Convention in Sacramento, and in addition, those interested in actually doing something with their frns, rather than burning them, will KNOW they are being REPRESENTED, with the integrity and mission of Ron Paul's quest to restore the republic, that in this case, we have more in common with Newt than Rove, so those who liked Newt, will feel they have more in common with Liberty than tryanny.

Not only did people donate, but those who agree with me, that's it's beeter to show up, because showing up is half the battle, achieved the fundraiser goal within 24 hours.

I'll be sure to let everyone knows how that work's out for the Ron paul rEVOLution in the GOP. Let us know how burning those beloved frns works out for you.