Comment: To help Manning, we must hold treasonous leaders accountable

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To help Manning, we must hold treasonous leaders accountable

The betrayal of our troops is a horrific crime. The vast majority of boots on the ground believe in, and are willing to die for, America's founding principles. But US leaders use them to commit crimes against humanity. Initially, most troops don't realize this, but after a few tours it dawns on them. That's probably why more active duty soldiers are committing suicide than dying in battle.

Bradley Manning was originally charged with "aiding the enemy" and there's actionable evidence that civilian and military leaders are doing just that. They give billions of dollars of aid and technology to governments that sponsor terrorists who are killing Americans. US leaders are playing both sides of the War on Terror and they must be held accountable. Bradley Manning is doing his part and we must do ours. In the first clip, Richard Holbrooke, Obama's Af/Pak envoy, admits that US and Pakistani intelligence helped create extremist groups now killing Americans. The clips are about two minutes each.

Rep. Burton points out that Saudi Arabia, a US "ally" is funding extremist schools (madrasses) Pakistan and elsewhere.

Rep. Rohrbacher says Pakistan, another US ally, is protecting AQ Khan, who proliferated nuke tech to North Korea and Iran

Alex Alexiev is a leading expert on the subject of Saudi funding of terrorism. He says that as early as 1996, the CIA reported that 30% of Saudi charities, controlled by the gov't, were funding terrorism. He lays out compelling evidence demonstrating the Saudi government's funding of a global infrastructure of Wahhabi extremism that includes American universities, mosques and prisons.

For more on the the US partnership with state sponsors of terrorism, check out the section "Closing the loop on terrorism" in the pdf file "Knowledge is Power". Here's the link (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)