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Oh I see so you think you

Oh I see so you think you have it all figured out... So why did you ask if you were correct in your OP? Sigh! How many cases have you won? How many do you think Carl has won? Did it ever dawn on you that was probably a misquote or typed in wrong? I have a found a few things like that in his stuff but very few. This is why he tells you read the cases for yourself and the sections of law etc. He can't do it all for you and your not going to just copy a few quotes from him and win your case you need to understand what you are doing and why.

I am telling you I have studied this stuff near 30 years and been over all the so called gurus stuff and their strategies and advice filed all kinds of paper work and tried several strategies of theirs and Carl's stuff is the most sound and straight forward I have seen. If you think you know better knock yourself out and best of luck to you.

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