Comment: Loose thought: Any of us engaged in this type of high-risk

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Loose thought: Any of us engaged in this type of high-risk

investigation, outreach, public speaking, etc. (against / which potentially threatens the corrupt PTB) where we garner serious press or are high(ish) profile like this gentleman should write up documents, witnessed and signed as such by other legally competent individuals, declaring that under NO circumstances EVER would we commit suicide / kill others / etc. and that if we are killed / die seemingly in such a manner / are suicided, proper investigations into potential homicide should / will be initiated. Perhaps these declarations should include pre-written press releases as well as (if the individual can afford it) a couple grand to fund vetted-to-be-legit private investigators / bloggers / viral media people in the event of being suicided. Copies of these documents should be stored in safe places / with trusted people and with any estate planning materials.

Dunno. Kinda weird, and perhaps ineffective. But is there something worthwhile here? At least a chance of stirring the pot a bit when one of us invariably gets whacked?

Recall the D.C. Madame, who said "No effin' way" to suicide on Alex Jones, got suicided (lucky for the Bush admin Jeb was governor of FLA at the time: cooperative local LE, no doubt), and libertyfolk knew the score. Nothing big resulted, but that was some years back... and there are more of us now than there were then!

What would the Founders do?