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Thank You vinceableworld :

Appreciate your stopping by. Will pass your comment along to Bun.

TommyPaine : The constitution is a contract also. Trusts ARE contracts. Guess I should have done a page on the Dual Nature of the instrument.

The main point is this is a personal mater and the individual must enforce the terms against the offender as another individual. As you note, that's not so easy these days. Government actors have long since abrogated their responsibilities for power and profit. Just because they've done so doesn't relieve them of the original responsibilities of Office.

Getting things "thrown out" of Court isn't that hard if One has the presence of mind and ability to apply themselves to the Rules of Court and Evidence. When the STATE brings a charge of infraction the opportunity is to file a Cross Complaint well before the first appearance date. Rod Class and AIB Network materials line it out pretty well.

Suing Cops and Bureaucrats is also a Class speciality and I will defer to his info.

You might get on the Big List via . Will give current info and updates with links. Lots to learn there. Pretty sure the subject line is "Subscribe".

Recall Legislators ? That's the pickle. Our election process has been a sham for many decades. Voting is less than a bad joke. See what you can search on the Collier Brothers "Vote Scam".

I will say it can be fun to take them to Small Claims Court for Performance of Contract. At least it was at the time. At best you could end up with a Default Judgement against them when they don't show. Just a no danger way of getting a little experience under your belt. Then again you could end up classified a "Paper Terrorist", for whatever that's worth. If so, Welcome to the Club.

Well Folks, need to do a few more chores this eve in prep for the alleged foot of snow coming. Will continue as I can.

All the Best.

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The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info