Comment: Not A Bad Idea

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Not A Bad Idea

I'm sure people can find a little time in their busy schedules to help spread the word. I think the key to an idea like this would be to not have it on just "like minded" sites, but to spread it all over the MSM sites (like comment sections). I believe your main objective is to "awaken" more people to the cause, not just have all of the people who are already "awake" watch the video.

I may have a good solution to this... Use your local T.V. stations' air time to pass the message around. Imagine if you were able to have a "Constitutional Commercial" run during the week right before or during the local news cast. I'm not talking about big city stations like Phiily,New York, Boston,Chicago, etc., I'm talking about places like Lancaster PA, Phillipsburg NJ, Burlington MA; you get the idea. Smaller to medium sized cities will have cheaper rates, and you will reach a huge audience due to the reach of their broadcast into the surrounding area (suburbs, and rural areas).

Just a thought...