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we're definitely enemy #1... think an anti-Bush administration HATES us(remember Glen Beck exposing Van Jones as a 9/11 truther with his chalkboad show on the FoxNews Channel); really should wake a lot of people up to what I've been saying, that American Exceptionalism is the new State religion.

NOBODY the world over, even within these borders dare question the murders and the lies and the torturing and the spending and the fascism and the
the market manipulation the failed promises etc. etc. etc. of this nation's sitting government; irrespective of party affiliation!

We are seen as, my friend says here (at the 13:20 mark) in the video I shared yesterday[ ] ; "not entitled, having no skin in the game, rabble-rousers, looking at dumb internet sites, and a danger to the public", by BOTH the right and the left!!!

We'd better all grow a my estimation, parading Alex Jones out onto national prominence BECAUSE he is the face of 9/11 truth...and even though most of the Architects, Engineers, Firefighters, and Pilots can/have made their case WITHOUT any help or input from him....guilt by association, Alex being labeled as a "dangerous extremist", is the PTB's excuse(by majority public opinion) to take away our privileges guaranteed to us in our Bill of Rights.

I am 100% convinced that there is a huge PR campaign going on, by the right and the left, to ask the public "whom should be disarmed first in this country?".
..because once we're gone, once 9/11 truth is never brought up again; once they achieve that "peace", everyone else left will willingly comply and wave their American flags with their one hand, while turning on their firearms with the other!

There's "wake up", but then there's "stand up"....something's brewing...the fruit of what this government has accomplished since 9/11, the obvious path they intend on going irrespective that there is supposedly an anti-Bush in the White House, is fully known the WORLD OVER...but most Americans are too blind to see it still, as they wear their American Exceptionalism 3D glasses to view the world....and, the PTB best make sure, as the coffin is being closed on the principles this Republic was founded upon, we not be allowed to promote our evermore convincing truth that the physics of 9/11 are more damning then the "weapons of mass destruction" lies.