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Comment: That is The Essence of The Solution

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That is The Essence of The Solution

Even though we like to say that we have a Republic, there is no such thing. In the end, the majority of decision makers have the control. The Republic only remains if the majority agree that they want to keep it and are willing for fight for it.

The problem is that almost everyone, directly or indirectly, benefits from the government. That causes the decision making majority to support the status quo. They ignore the Republic and give us a Democracy. The majority selects socialism in return for either power, government crumbs, or a refusal to look at the facts. They accept short term rainbows for long term slavery.

The type of information leaders that we need should not be limited to the people who we like, such as Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, or John Stossel. Our favorites do not appeal to the decision making majority. At least, not yet.

Even though we might not like them, we need some people who will reach another portion of the public. There is a certain segment who we are not reaching because they are influenced by emotional sound bytes and not detailed logic. Gore, Obama, and Clinton have a strong following because they have mastered the art of emotional sound byte schtick.

If it would rebuild America ala Ron Paul, why would it be bad to allow someone like Rachel Maddow to convert a few people? We only need about 10% of the Democrats who have been supporting Obama.

In summary, we should keep the logical analysts that we support. But we must also be open minded and support those who have been able to build influence through sound bytes. The task is to convince the "Ron Paul or no-one" crowd that political ideas must be sold to the majority at some point in order to have any value.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.