Comment: What principles, points and questions can we agree on promoting?

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What principles, points and questions can we agree on promoting?

.Non-interventionist foreign policy.Bring our troops home now.(explain how both democrats and republicans refuse to bring our troops home which DIRECTLY leads to more deaths of troops and civilians.)
.Sound money(maybe a short video would show a chart of how the value of the dollar has gone down in the last 100 years.)
.Ending the drug war(explain how our current drug policy causes more crime,incarcerations and enrichment of criminals while millions of people use illegal drugs anyway.)
Asking the right questions might help people see a new perspective.Here are some questions that might "turn on the light"...
. Our government refuses to cut spending as if our national debt does not matter.If our national debt does not matter,then why do we have to pay income tax?
.If we need to have troops in the middle east to protect us from "terrorists",then why does our government refuse to secure our own borders?
.Does it not make more sense to give more power to each individual person,and enable them to affect change locally in the cities and states where they live rather than give more power to a group of politicians in a far away place?
.Would you send your son or daughter to police another sovereign nation?If not,is it right to send other people's sons and daughters?
.If you believe that the president believes that the use of fossil fuels are endangering the very existence of this earth,then why is he not pleading with the people to cut down on the use of fossil fuels?A law or "carbon tax" is not required to do this,only some basic speaking skills are required.....
Of course,I am sure some of you here have some answers to these questions!lol.I just think questions like these really can "turn a light on" and make people consider a new perspective.I have seen it in some of my friends and family when asking them these questions.Would like to hear any points or questions anyone else has found to make people stop and think and maybe some of these can be used in a short video.