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Comment: I attended the Westford,Ma

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I attended the Westford,Ma

I attended the Westford,Ma selectmen meeting tonight. I suspected a decent turnout as I had been in touch with the "Westford Pro 2A" group that is leading the charge against the gun ban... but I was quite stunned to see the constant caravan of vehicles pulling into the Stony Brook School driveway. Once I got to the school, there was not a parking spot available and I had to make a spot behind a facilities building. As I walked in, there was a contingent of Oath Keepers showing their support and a few local reporters and cameramen doing interviews with attendees. Inside the hall, it was a packed house. I have no idea what the capacity of the hall is, but my best guesstimate of attendance is somewhere between 400-500 people. The overwhelming majority (guesstimate 10-1) opposing any infringement on 2nd amendment. I think everyone expected the meeting to be long, drawn out debate, but instead, the Selectmen removed the Article from the warrant, signed the warrant, and adjourned the meeting. The meeting lasted maybe 15 minutes. No doubt, the outcome was due to good,decent people getting of the couch and reminding the Selectmen who rules who. Great job Westford!!!! Before adjourning, the selectmen commented on the overwhelming amount of phone calls and emails they had received, and the education they all received from the voters on the issue. Overall, a great day for liberty loving citizens. Lots of thanks to "Westford Pro 2a" who did an amazing job organizing opposition and the successful defeat of Article 30!!!