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You've asked the right question, i.e., ...

Is is harder to believe that all life evolved from single cell organisms than to believe humans were created by God? I think both belief systems require equal amounts of faith. The difference is, I'm willing to admit my beliefs are faith based and you (and public schools) try to equate your belief system with empiricism. Your denial of reality does me no harm, but great harm is done when tyrants use the power of the State to force their Darwinian religion on society. Why? Social Darwinism has absolutely no regard for the weak and less fortunate among us. In the animal world, theft, assault, rape, murder, etc. are natural and unregulated. Throughout history tyrants have practiced this animalistic, Darwinian code of conduct and it's still happening today. That's why I believe Darwinism is a sophisticated, intellectual, Machiavellian attempt to rationalize the brutal oppression of despotic leaders. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)