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Question for fishyculture

I plan on growing tomatoes in aquaponics raised beds, the water will return to a small pond. What kind of bed media is best to use? I have some pea rock left over from a Foundation repair job. There is a gravel pit close by that I can get different sized washed rock any time with my trailer. I plan on building a least 6 beds, I have a sump pump on hand for pumping the water. Do I need to pump into each one in parallel or can I daisy chain them to together?

The pond which I will build in spring (50' X 100'), will most likely be home to a dozen ducks and be used to help water two acres of garden also. What kind of fish do you think would be best in this type of environment. I do have two 50 gallon aquariums that can be used to help fry fish grow before releasing into the pond.

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