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Some people just gotta learn

Some people just gotta learn the hard way I guess... Sigh! You say you want to flesh it out here but then say There is no proof Carl has won any cases and you think you're going to get proof here of anyone winning any cases? LOL!

You claim its not a misquote he didn't type all that stuff himself you know someone else did. And of course there is little context that is why you need to read the cases yourself he can't post each entire case that would be thousands of pages. With all the stuff bangin around in his head it is easy to quote the wrong cite on a law or case. They guy is getting up there in years too and is a Vietnam vet whose been shot 4 times in War and has other injuries but you don't trust him because of a couple errors... Sigh. What ever buddy I tried to help you best of luck.

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