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I don't support his position

I don't support his position on gun control and never indicated that I did. I don't believe that I have to in order to support him over the hordes of anti-liberty politicians out there. He's far more pro-liberty than most, excluding those I placed in front of him and many other figures who didn't make my list because I don't see them as political figures capable of even running for office.

If you want my opinion on guns I've written plenty on it here. I believe that guns should not be registered or restricted to any degree.

Not everyone is an absolutist and must have every policy align with their own preferences in order to support a politician. I don't agree with Ron Paul on every issue. Does that mean I should disparage him and forget about him as an option, because he's not perfect on every issue from my standpoint? Sorry, but the pool of people I would support is already small enough. I am capable of seeing degree, and those people who agree with me to a greater extent are more appropriately granted my approval. I believe Kucinich crosses a threshold beyond which his presence in high office would be at least preferable to many other candidates.

This whole 'have my exact opinion on everything or else you're my enemy' mentality doesn't help anything. It's very likely that I agree with you on more than 90% of your positions, yet I have to be your enemy because I would support Kucinich over someone like Obama, Romney, McCain, Hillary or Bush?

You would have to be blind to disagree that he's far better on many issues than the status quo. Either you don't see that or you don't care at all about degree, which is fine, but again I'm not your enemy. I would bet we agree on almost everything.