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Not just fossils. Fossils,

Not just fossils.
Fossils, genetic information, and the confirmation that the processes which are required for macro evolution do in fact exist and actively cause micro evolution.

Like I said, I'm going to continue correctly stating that evolution is a fact because it is to a functional degree. Its functions have been demonstrated and its existence corroborated, and it has never been disproved or replaced by any means.

Your assessment that, "if you believe in something unseen and unprovable, it's no different than any other religious belief" is false. Religious belief strictly concerns religion, thus its extremely obvious title. Belief not concerned with religion cannot be called religious belief. If my assent to the fact of evolution were truly belief, even if for reasons unseen or unprovable, it would be secular belief because evolution is not concerned with religion whatsoever.

Using religiousness as a pejorative in order to insult is hilarious.