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Oh saviour please come save us all. please. pretty please. oh. please. please please.. PLEASE!!!

OK fucknut. Without George Washington, where would we be? Without Thomas Jefferson where would we be??? Adams, Madison... Would you be so bold to admit we may have had a few leaders?

I am looking for motherfucking leadership. It is not fucking delusional. It is not cultish or seeking a fucking messiah, medals or prizes.

At what point can we gather around a common idea and advance our message forward regardless of the differences between north and south?

Yes, you did miss the point.

We can either be a movement of herding cats or a vocal minority that changes policy. I prefer the latter.

Im not waiting for a messiah. I am looking for leadership. Big fkn difference.

Next time offer more than five words in your criticism.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul