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Comment: We started with a hoophouse.

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We started with a hoophouse.

It still stands, next to the dome. It is now covered with tarps and is our "shed."
I LOVE the hoophouses. If and when we ever get to where we can actually go out and help do builds for people, hoophouses are what we will offer as "entry level" units. Hawkiye has a slick way of bending conduit, so you can make the frame REALLY sturdy. And that shrink wrap stuff has been awesome. We have SERIOUS wind around here, and it has not budged. I got both ends blown out of my hoophouse one night last winter!
It is so exciting to see so may people getting systems up, or planning them. It is just so awesome - you really do build a little ecosystem, and once it gets going, life will start coming to it. We set our system outside on the back of a trailer last summer and we attracted bees, wasps, birds, frogs and a snake within days.
Keep me posted about your progress!

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