Comment: Great Idea.

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Great Idea.

I have had some similar musings as well.

1) Britons4Paul -> I dropped you guys an email. I think your email is wrong though. Should it be rather than ? I assumed so and sent off an email.

2) To the OP who made additional comments down below -> you say that it used to be about Ron Paul but we need to remember that it's about "us." But remember what Ron Paul has said:

It's about the message. When an IDEA's time has come, no army or government can stop it. It's about the message. And the message is LIBERTY.

I've also got a decent idea for a website - but perhaps I can develop it a bit further with Britons' team or anyone else who has a little Autism in their blood and likes to get down into the details. My brain loves pondering big ideas, but for the little details .... "I need a Rain Man." (You the "I need a Hero" song?)

Just my thoughts.
This is the part of the DP I love.