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I end it saying what Ron Paul's legacy will be

If you are suggesting that Ron Paul is going to come out of retirement, you have no idea how happy he is to be FREE to speak to people, party or not. What will emerge from this, I don't know.

What I do know is what I'm working on from my perspective. Others can see what I am doing differently, after all.

For decades my major issue was hemp. Rand is leading the way, and fortunately for me, because I was a LP and Indy activist for decades, I see how Rand is advancing MY issue, and how he is prioritizing and addressing issues, and what I hear is, I'm sure, very different that what you hear.

Intergrity is keeping an oath you didn't want to take, but took because you wanted to put a man with integrity into the white house.

I kept my oaths, even when the other side, lied, cheated and stole. I know what they did, but instead of freaking out, I take my ques from Ron and Rand. Rand is for those of us who came into the GOP and took seats because we wanted to be Ron Paul delegates.

So, what I'm saying is it's fine by me that you don't like Rand, and you think no matter how old, it has to be Ron Paul or bust, and maybe Amash, who has a hard fight, that maybe he'll get out if the GOP and run Indy or LP for you? Then you can continue to avoid the GOP, because MSM and everything you've studied about the GOP makes you sick. I'm sorry about that, but it gives you no excuse to beat up those of us who are in the GOP, as Ron Paul wanted, by asking us to become delegates.

I see no one better than Rand Paul for president that can win. I'm not saying Rand will win, Rand can win and that's what I'm working on. Seems all your working in is undermining the work of the rEVOLution because 1. you don't like the GOP and 2. you don't like Rand.