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Why are you a member in the name of loathing?

Join the rEVOLution and get in because you LOVE the bill of rights and intend to restore the republic.

Your criticisms are not about the Neocons or specific republicans and THEIR lack if principles, but it is of RAND, and us, because we are participating is what you are calling a charade. And why it may be a charade, while claiming to being a member, one would hope that you would work within to materialize Ron Paul's message, which Rand is doing, and if you don't understand his moves, and even disagree with how I see them, that's a fair debate. But slamming the party you claim to be a member, calling it a charade, only leaves me wondering why you are a member? You don't have to be a member to weild that kind of general criticism.

You don't know Rand. Rand Paul is brillant, politically, at this point, I believe Ron Paul ran to set the stage for Rand, and I'm glad he did. Both Ron and Rand take learning curves, some pretty big ones, which is why so many people say they, "woke up".

Rand is not protesting the GOP. That is not how we win the GOP. Rand is teaching the GOP how to restore the republic by taking them back to conservative values.

What has he done to lose your trust? He endorsed Romney. If you were a national delegate for Ron Paul, and you thought the loyalty oath you signed didn't mean anything, you would have been booted from the GOP, which is happening. So what Rand did, is he spared many Ron Paul delegates the boot and enabled them to go to Tampa, stealth. But you have to had been a delegate to know that or even understand it.

Rand has my trust, for perhaps the exact opposite he does not have yours?