Comment: Gun control

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Gun control

We already have gun control. There's always been gun control. Anymore I think gun control is just a red herring that people freak over, while they lose another right. such as the fifth, as mental health is being assiciated with guns, why they are looking at background checks for mental health on gun owners.. this poisioning of psycotropic drugs really should stop.. instead they are threatening guns, security and planning on feeding people these drugs as part of the healthcare plan.

Ron Paul teaches us, it's not a race issue, all poor people are stimulated into fighting each other at the bottom. Sen Robert Byrd joined the KKK for two weeks because he was angry black folks were coming to take the white folks jobs. But then he saw that it was a set up, they were being led into blaming the black man, while the bosses, went along making money, the blacks and white workers eliminated each other. It's what motivated him to become a Senator, that carried his constitution in his breast pocket and refered to it frequently. He appreciated constitutional government, and he worked hard to eliminate poverty in West Virginia, ultimately he failed, because Clinton sold us out. People got their dividens, and we've been bleeding red ever since.