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Comment: I followed Ron Rosen

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I followed Ron Rosen

Followed Ron Rosen for years as he was part of the original Bulletin Board at Richard Russell's Dow Theory Letters before Russell closed it. For some reason I was on his list of subscribers to his gold report for a few years before he realized I was getting it for free.

He struggled with his negative calls on gold for many years while the price kept going higher. Now he is on King World News' site for finally getting it right?

The thing with Elliott Wave is it doesn't take into account external influences. I have written much on this. It can't predict things like what the Fed does with QE, Middle East conflicts or wars, or even what happened in 2008/2009.

It is useful, with other types of technical analysis and research, to give one a range for the price of gold and silver. The Aden sisters have made a career out of doing this and charging a fee for it.

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