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More non-science (religious belief) from you.

"evolution is a fact because it is to a functional degree. Its functions have been demonstrated and its existence corroborated, and it has never been disproved or replaced by any means."

The above statement is scientifically illogical, I'm sorry.

If you want to prove a hypothesis, the onus is on you to prove it, not on others to disprove it, because it is logically impossible to prove that anything does not exist. The logical proof must be that the hypothesis DOES exist, i.e. is true.

Your hypothesis has not been demonstrated.

Being true to a "functional degree" is not scientific proof, sorry.
Functions having been demonstrated and existence corroborated is not scientific proof, sorry.

Only the same repeatable test results from the same test conducted repeatably constitute a scientific proof. There's just no way around it, no matter how hard you try.

The rest is helpful corroborative data, but that helpful corroborative data does not constitute scientific proof according to the scientific method.

As far as your religious beliefs go, you irrationally belief a certain axiom: that evolution is scientific fact. That axiom is undemonstrated and undemonstrable. Hence, it is a religious belief, no different than any other religious belief. Your religion is belief in certain principles and beliefs that are generally accepted, but are not scientifically provable. Hence, it is a faith-based belief system.