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I never enjoyed school

I never enjoyed school because of the drudgery of lectures that were dumbed down for those who refused to read and classes slowed by troublemakers and students who could not pay attention.

Most of my studies were concentrated on subjects that interested me on my own time at public libraries.

One of the largest problems for students is they don't know "how to learn". They accept things at face value without question. They do not know how to think. They cannot make logical connections because they have no real-world experiences. Obviously, this doesn't apply to all students. There are many outstanding younger people and they should not have their performance hindered by slower or more difficult students.

Home schooling would be the best option, but with family earnings being what they are it's understandable why so few are available to personally teach their kids.

Availability of e-books and online educational materials from well-known universities today might make individually paced self-education a more realistic option than ever before.

Here's one excellent educational resource: