Comment: I respectfully disagree.

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I respectfully disagree.

I'm sure that everyone thought the End was upon them when the Black Death obliterated 1/4 of Europe and 2/5 of China. In a way, it was, but not in the sense of "the End of All Things."

To no small degree, part of this "increase" in activity, in my humble opinion, is due to globalization; that is, because humanity is so interconnected, things that would've been unseen or unmarked, or ignored outside of where they happened, are now reported instantaneously.

Don't get me wrong; the End will come. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a hundred thousand years, maybe in a million years. The point is, the world *as we know it* could very well be on the brink of ending, but humanity and civilization will continue until the true End, which, according to Jesus, nobody can predict. Only God the Father knows.