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What I meant by risks -

are the "risks" of doing something that is considered "unlawful" and "illegal" such as carrying a concealed handgun without a CCL. The "risks" of actually getting caught and getting charged with a felony and possibly having to pay a fine, and/or spend time in jail - as opposed to the "risks" of NOT carrying a concealed handgun(out of FEAR of breaking the law) and then when/if needing said handgun - NEEDLESSLY "risking" the lives of your loved ones or self. That's what I meant by the comparison of "risks" and "consequences".

The 2nd amendment should be everyone's CCL. Not some piece of paper manufactured by the government with the sole purpose of generating funds and control. However, FEAR of stiff fines/penalties, and jail hold citizens back. These people should weigh those fears of punishment by the government for "non-compliance" against the FEAR of losing their loved one's lives or their own for not carrying when/if needed.

Nothing to do with fingerprint taking. Sorry if I wasn't clear.