Comment: That only means you losing the debate

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That only means you losing the debate

Since you cherry picked his continue respect for rombama, let me remind you of all those posts about tptb, 911, conspiracys, documentaries about tyranny and oppression, the fed, the international corporations and their lobbiests and government shills, that who who has the power and they didn't invite usinto their party for a cake walk. They are not going to look at Ron Paul, the rEVOLution or Liberty Movement as anything but a PROTEST, which they will ignor, as they have been for decades, drunk on the money and power, and they really don't want a civil war or armeggeddon, but they feel a lot more secure about surviving it, if that should happen, so to get a message to them, Rand or anyone is going to have to go to where they are coming from, to turn this ship around. You damn him for that, I celebrate that because he is doing this in a principled way, and you have to understand politics on a matrix level to understand, still, he is delivering a message to the republican party, which Ron Paul FAIED.

So Ron Paul will continue to reach out to all, while Rand continues to grow the GOP with supporters who get the politics.

Rand and Ron have both put diplomay and trade first. Saying ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE, after diplomacy, eliminates pre-emptive war entirely from the table.

The LP is division of the GOP and why they nominate republicans, and remain marginalized by design. It's why RP joined for all of 6 months to run as a Libertarian.. he was being vetted.