Comment: the difference today

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the difference today

is that we have the internet, before it was really hard to determine if the germans really just hated everyone and were sick and twisted for killing so many people, including germans.

today they could say the same about America's armies in other lands. However, the internet gives us hope. I understand that it is a few insane leaders that cause these problems, if Russia had started a war, under self-defense or not, i still understand the citizens of Russia are still the same people who wish to live in peace, as do I here in America.

Sure we might seem racist now and then at each other, but i don't blame some farmer in Russia because his son wants to join the Russian army and serve his country.

Like those people who sent videos from Israel to Iran and Iran sending videos to Israel saying "we love you and respect you, no matter what our governments do".

The internet will change the way nations interact in the future, just watch. We have the ability for world peace for the first time ever, only because of the speed of communications today.

This also means those who desire control of nations will fight harder not to lose it, prepare for battle friends.