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in general, sunspot activity is the measure used when you hear talk of "solar cycles." We run in roughly 11 year cycles, have recently ended an unusually quiet minimum. We should be seeing a huge increase in the number of spots now, but we are NOT. We are seeing a lot of what this one did - something starts off looking hopeful, then fizzles. And yes, hopeful. We NEED some solar energy, or our magnetosphere will collapse leaving us exposed to - ironically enough - solar rays.
Spend some time exploring the links at S0's channel. If anyone is tracking the data you want, the link will be there.
Size... I don't know what the different formations really mean yet, I am a newbie to the EU stuff, but I know there was a MASSIVE filament facing earth this week, and had it snapped we would have been blasted. It was a much larger formation than the sunspots, but it may be a less damaging form of energy? I don't know. I know the media made no fuss at all about it. As for this spot, they did not even mention it until it was past earth-facing position and collapsing. If you are truly wanting up to date info, S0 is your man. He will provide updates if there is any significant developments. And he hunts through the satellites for you, and brings you the highlights of the day's solar activity. Insanely beautiful stuff!

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