Comment: The Federal Reserve bank owns his life and ours

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The Federal Reserve bank owns his life and ours

The problem I have with NPR is they never attack the government. They will talk about parties, and legislation, but in this case, thy've taken the side of the farmer, a big ag farmer, to go up agsinst Monsanto, as if it was Monsanto that is the problem, but it's not monsanto, it's laws. It's regulations and many government separtments in all branches of government that all work for the Federal Reserve bank.

This is just another red herring issue, that we look at the farmer, hate Monsanto and forget the governemnt plays any role.

When a farmer sells out to Monsanto, or sunkist, or any government subsidized super grower, they, like anyone volunteering for the military service, gives up rights. I'm sure this case is going to have us lose even more because it's being sold as a monsanto protest, not a government protest.