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Missing the point again

Nobody here is saying "repression of negroes" is what the 2nd Amendment is or ever was about. They OP is simply illustrating how gun control measures can be applied for repressive purposes. Simply bringing up this episode in history as an example does not maintain a "racial divide", nor was that the intent of the OP, IMO. I really don't think Al and Jesse are trolling in the house.

Pick a group, any group, by any criteria, and force gun control on them. This is repression and tyranny no matter which group or criteria you choose. This is the point the OP was making by drawing from this country's history. Gun control is simply a screen for human control.

Seems people here are a tad bit sensitive to this example, which surprises me. Most of the denial and apoplexy I've gotten from this particular topic is from liberals and statists who cannot or will not admit their proscribed "gun control" solution to today's problems is the exact means that kept their ancestors subjugated as slaves, targeted for massacre, or interred as human chattel.

It's not a race thing these days, but race was a criteria used in the past to choose who was subject to gun control, something we are subject to now.