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Interesting ...

... you might be on to something.

I have read that common law and equity merged (maybe admiralty, too), so that today we go into a court and don't know what jurisdiction the case is under unless we ask those sorts of questions.

But one fly in the ointment is that if common law is determined by court cases, then what happens if courts do not apply common law principles to cases but instead apply statutes. Does that then bring the statutes into the modern common law?

It's a can of worms.

But I have heard of people getting out of traffic tickets doing something similar to what you say, and they did not mention anything about sovereign people or corporate person, etc. Just asked about the nature of the case (criminal/civil). Also, asking if the criminal (or civil) rules of procedure apply seems to get an answer that they do not. How, then, can one proceed? Case dismissed.

So, you are onto something there.