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The Common Law

The change to statutory law from Common law occurred when people became ignorant. When government administers law it is by policy via codes of statutes, when people administer law it is by Common Law. That the legal dictionaries have been altered over the past 150 years does not help the ignorance.

2) What makes you think one persons opinion constitutes justice? Judges do not make rulings in Common Law. In Common Law they are not called judges, they are called magistrates and they are reserved to ministerial duties only. The court makes rulings based on the weight of the record. Contrary to what those black robed people think the judge or magistrate is not the court.

3) This does not make sense to me. To act in Common Law you must be the plaintiff. If a court has gone to judgement, you have lost your window of opportunity to act. explains all that Common Law is. If you are not willing to take the time to educate yourself then you do not deserve the information.