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Comment: Revised letter for secondary review...

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Revised letter for secondary review...

I would like to start by thanking you and your staff for the care and consideration you have given to our son in the last year or so. I have not had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Koletar myself but was able on several occasions to meet with his prior pediatrician Dr. Baskin. I look forward to meeting with you and your staff over the next several years and am presenting this letter as notice and courtesy that we are expecting our second child March 21, 2013. Our disposition is that you and your staff continue as our children’s pediatrician and feel that it is important to convey our concerns and interests to you for the sole purpose of their safety.

This letter is to request comprehensive information concerning vaccinations, specifically ingredients within and current schedule of inoculation(s) for newborns to four years of age. As mentioned above, we are expecting a daughter March 21, 2013 and over the past four years I have educated myself further on vaccinations and their adverse effects, specifically the increase in claims of and links to neurological disorders, immunosuppressive complications and adverse allergic reactions that can arise due to the effects of vaccine ingredients and the methods by which they are derived/harvested/imbedded in the vaccine. We cannot in good conscience subject our second child to potential risks if there is reason to believe or it is confirmed that the ingredients incorporated within the scheduled vaccinations can unnecessarily and needlessly bring causation for adverse effects that may arise in her, whether immediately upon injection or as may surface conditionally at a later time.

We are contemplating an alternative vaccination schedule but at the same time we may reserve our rights to file a religious exemption to those vaccinations we feel may solicit and temper a health risk in our children. We hope that our wishes for alternatives do not deter or inhibit us from the privileges and services provided by you and your staff. I have enclosed a separate vaccine liability contract in order that we are able to maintain a forthright and transparent relationship with your clinic. As you may know Oregon recognizes parent-signed exemptions from vaccine requirements for religious reasons. “Religion” is defined in Oregon Administrative Rule 333-050-0010 as any system of beliefs, practices or ethical values. We truly appreciate your attention to this matter and please know that our request is for the ultimate safety of our children as I’m confident your response will honor such concerns.

I’m sure you understand that we would be doing a disservice to other parents in our situation by not inquiring about the chemicals and ingredients we are allowing our child to be injected with. Thank you so much for your professionalism concerning our request and we will be eager to review your response.

Much love to you all and any further advice would be most welcome as this will be sent within 2-3 days.

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