Comment: So true. I just experienced a

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So true. I just experienced a

So true. I just experienced a form of it today when I took my son to the neurologist. The guy was so full of his science based dogmas that he had nothing to offer, no medical curiosity past the scientific journals, absolutely undistinguished and uninquisitive, and not worth his salt as a practitioner. The guy is just punching a clock and working for the HMO doing routine exams. He also went on to tell me how great vaccinations are and I was waiting for him to back it up with all the peer reviewed double blind research...but I knew he couldn't because there is none. This is all we get from any type of doctor or department at the HMO. I get the same treatment on every health issue for anyone in my family unless it is a trauma type issues -something they are actually good at.

In medicine, first they dominated the field by regulating licenses and then they regulated substances. They forced all alternative thought out to the sidelines and replaced with their own snake oil. I honestly have not heard of alopathic medicine curing anyone I know of anything. I can't think of a single thing they have cured beyond bacterial infections...and even those antibiotics are starting to be ineffective.

They are selling us snake oil and so you are right, we should be skeptical of their brand of science.