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Please explain the

Mark Hanson

Please explain the similarities and differences between your and their ACTIONS, i'm kinda slow. Talking, while being an action of the muscles on the scull and sometimes comprehension of the situation differs from the action of the body that achieves results. Personally i talk to people all the time, ask them questions, encourage them to learn, however in my observation, the only time they are willing to do it is when it involves their personal gain, most of the change occurs is when remaining the same hurts more than the change. People are creatures of habit and comfort, they don't change unless they are forced too, either by circumstances or by physical force. Lowest hanging fruit is the one that is picked first. When and if the Ponzi scheme collapses, then you'll see the change in people. All this politicians that try to regulate our lives without our consent must be faced, you need to make it personal to them, you need to explain the consequences of their actions that will be brought against them. It is as simple as telling them to their face that come next election they will be out of a job, and then follow through on that threat by unseating them. Be the change.