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They were running a shell game for the most part

Ron Paul invited us in, the article you linked me to is by, of and for a Neocon. Clinton didn't win any election, he the "New Democrat" sold us out. Your article doesn't even consider ending the fed and returning to a sound money policy, instead, it says we should do what Cliton did.. this is New- Neocliberal Clinton and New Neoconservative New NeoGlobal Order talking about what to do in the GOP. The thing is.. the gig is up.

For truth to prevail truthful people need to make a stand for the truth. RP picked the GOP, I'm in the GOP and today. it's like DP on real life, and I'm looking forward to meeting people and passing out Randwatch cardds, and flyers about other Republicans who have a place in the Liberty Movement like Amash.

Of course they never mention the constitution.. they held us to a loyalty oath over Romney, and we're going to hold them to the loyalty oath to the constitution.

How to save the Republican Party.. LOL riiiight. We will not be ignored, we are not going away. WE ARE WINNING.