Comment: Ron Paul's support of Chuck Hagel

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Ron Paul's support of Chuck Hagel

Hey Luke for liberty,

Of course Ron Paul would support Chuck Hagel. Are you one of those neocon, perpetual-war type libertarians? The most important part of Ron Paul's foreign policy is his non-interventionism. Everyone knows that. Hagel's record is far from perfect but at least he is rational and puts America first. Rand is a "go along to get along" libertarian who can certainly be legitimately be accused of being a hypocrite. Has Hagel ever claimed to be a libertarian? I don't think so. The vote was 58 to 40 in favor of putting Hagel's nomination to a vote with Rand voting against. If Rand had voted for it the measure would have passed. And Rand would have been booted off of the foreign relations committee. You don't think somebody twisted his arm? Nobody can twist Ron Paul's arm, they wouldn't even try.