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Yeah, you're right about wanting to

find a way to keep control out of the hands of the state. (My own fear would be counseling, where to be sure DRUGS would be recommended.) If homeschooling is not an option, then there would seem to be that risk. I think it's a great idea to try to capitalize on your nephew's interest in law - either via some out-of-the-box idea that might be possible or even just as an inducement to get him back into school (at least until he's of legal age to have a say in the matter). I do remember what it was like when one of my own children was going through the same thing; it was very sad for me to see him languishing. Fortunately, he did have that change of heart, realizing that to at least some extent, his education could be on his own terms. In any event, I think your nephew is lucky he has an uncle who cares.

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