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Preferential voting

Settle down.

In Australia elections have a preferential voting system. You number all the candidates in order of preference.

If no candidate gets more than 50% of first preferences, second preferences are counted and added to first preferences. The candidate who then has the highest combined total more than 50% wins. If nobody has a combined total more than 50% the process continues to third preferences.

Ron Paul supporters were able to vote a second time after he dropped off the ballot with 10% in the first round.

They could either abstain or choose between Mike, Mitt or John.

They chose Mike in return for three delegates and a stronger possibility of having a brokered convention.

Though I read one report that Mitt's people offered five delegates in return for RP supporters' votes.

A brokered convention is now the only chance of Ron Paul winning the Republican nomination.

Just an aside: we have no voting machines in Australia. All paper ballots are counted at the polling station immediately at the close of voting in the presence of scruitineers from all candidates. There is no fraud with counting, but some possibility of identification issues with voters.