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Christie is the Most Popular Governor in America

I have been involved with NJ politics since the 1960's and was heavily involved in the primary and general election where Christie beat Corzine. I did not support Christie at that time and saw, first hand, how he was able to surmount major political obstacles to win.

NJ is a Democratic stronghold, often referred to as "The Peoples Republic of NJ". Even so, Republican Christie is the most popular governor in America and also the most popular polled governor in NJ since the poll was started. He is also the only Republican in NJ who can win a statewide election. His approval rating among Republicans is 93%. The Republicans are not going to give the nomination to anyone else.

If you think that Ron Paul needed a miracle to win the White House, Napolitano would need an intervention by Jesus himself to win Trenton. Even if Jesus intervened, it would still be almost impossible to win NJ because the voting majority would reject Jesus.

Although I agree that Napolitano should win something smaller than the White House before going for the big job, forget about NJ Governor this year.

The Republicans are looking for sacrificial lambs to run for Senate, so maybe there would be a better shot at the Senate.

Gene Louis
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