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The truth will set you free

In a libertarian society, there is no such thing as worker's rights. An employee's wage is a function of price discovery. If someone is willing to work for nothing in terrible working conditions, then that is their right. Individual liberty is the freedom to find another job or to work like a dog. You choose

This is how I know you're a liberal communist troll. If you were a libertarian, you would know this fundamental aspect of liberty.

The Bolshevik revolution is what paved the way for communism. Not all Russians agreed with the revolution. You prove my point. It was imposed by those who wanted it. Just as your "voluntary" communist society would do to all those who disagree. It is an impossibility for 100% of the people to volunteer for any system. This is why your arguments lacks even the slightest amount of intelligence.

It is not violence to kick your ass in an argument. It is violence if I were to physically kick your ass. This is consistent with the NAP.

Ron Paul went out on top. He has not been brought down by anyone.

Why don't you come clean as to what your political beliefs are. Are you a communist, a liberal, a socialist? Stop pretending to be something you are not... By using the philosophy of liberty to advance your communist agenda. The truth will set you free.