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C'mon, man...

C'mon, man...

Someone can't be serious, there... Where is there any 5 billions ounces of silver ANYWHERE, to begin with ??!!

You guys must be kidding me, or something. But I'll watch the video asap when I can...

LOL. I'm downright lost for now.

"[...]Total silver supply in 2012 is forecast to reach 1.01 billion ounces, which will be the first time total annual silver supply reaches over a billion, if realized, CPM Group forecast. The projected increase is forecast to come nearly exclusively from higher mine output, which is seen at 729.0 million ounces, with secondary supply seen at 279.8 million.

Total refined market economy silver supply rose to 995.1 million ounces in 2011, up 22.6 million ounces or 2.3% from 2010. Of that, mine supply was 713.6 million ounces, up 4%, the first time mine output surpassed 700 million ounces. Roughly 80% of the net increase in primary silver mines came from four new mines that started production last year[...]"

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