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One Way To Do It

I already wrote this in response to Trevor, but I want to clarify.

Yes, it could be useful to draft the Judge.

But it would be better to become an ally of Christie rather than fighting him.

The effort should concentrate on persuading Christie to appoint Napolitano as acting Senator if the current Senator Menendez resigns this year.

If Judge Nap were appointed interim Senator and ran a heavy ground-roots, Ron Paul style campaign with heavy national assistance, the Judge would have a shot at winning the special election. In fact, that is the only way that the Judge would have a chance at winning statewide in NJ.

But Christie needs to be lobbied immediately so that he would have Napolitano in mind for the job. It would take heavy lobbying with phone calls, snail mail, email, billboards, flyers, belly to belly lobbying, etc. If we can show Christie how he can become even MORE popular, he might open up his mind. If we can show Christie how Napolitano would be the only Republican with a chance to win a Senate election in NJ, he might listen.

I can see no other way that Napolitano could win a statewide NJ election in the foreseeable future.

Gene Louis
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