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Anyone got a spoon?

(1) In a few sentences, how did this change occur? (Do NOT point me to 3-hour videos or 10,000-word web pages -- tell me in YOUR words, and keep it simple.)

Impossible.. but will try...

War of 1812, Civil War, Organic Act 1871, Reconstruction Acts, Banking Act 1933, Trading with Enemies Act - Patriot Act - NDAA.

If you haven't done all your homework on these topics then it's impossible to explain how they did what they did. If it was "simple" then everyone would already have figured it out by now RIGHT?

The ESSENCE is the international banksters pulled a "bait and switch" on the American people. They created a dummy corporation called "United States" and made everyone think this was the "United States of America," aka Federal Government... counterfeited our original constitution and created a 14th amendment which also created the "US citizen" who was SUBJECT TO the jurisdiction of the "STATE OF" and also the District of Columbia.

You have seen the option to check where it says "Are you a US citizen" right? They then got the American people to opt-in (consent of the governed) to be controlled by the codes/acts/statutes this corporate board (congress) creates.

Any questions so far?

In short... to begin with... your voter registration is your consent to be governed.