Comment: Smells like ratio control, really...

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Smells like ratio control, really...

Holly Fudge.

Seriously, maybe I misread and I need to redo my homework tonight, but it all feels to me like everytime gold has to go down, silver also has to go down as well and faster... It really smells like the gold/silver ratio has to be kept ABOVE 50 and never let itself start decreasing any conspicuously.

I need to recheck the trends and figures over the last decade and last year. Okay.

But I've posted about that already at least here, on the DP... Anybody else thought about that?

What if the AU/AG ratio was at 35ish or 40ish only with silver at 30?

Anyone else can see with me the few, but real, silver stackers start converting massively into gold?

I'm really suspecting whoever gives those 20 something year old traders the veiled instructions, they want to keep that ratio as high as possible - pretending to play only with silver support/resistance levels.

Pretty sure at least half of these kids don't even realize fully what they are actually doing in their daily job, by playing this game.

Tell me where is the flaw in my reasoning or rationale(?)



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I bet it's mostly because of gold that silver is being smashed.

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