Comment: Summary of his 10 points of scientific dogma.

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Summary of his 10 points of scientific dogma.

Says science has unproven dogmas. He comments on the asterisked ones.
1. universe is mechanical
2. matter is unconscious
3. The parameters/laws of nature are fixed*
4. total energy and mass is conserved.
5. (Biological) Nature is purposeless
6. (Parental) Inheritance is material
7. Memory is stored a physical trace.
8. Your mind is the activity of your brain*
9. Psychic phenomena are illusory
10. mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works.

Critiques the claim of fixed natural law.
-the big bang is a bad theory as it says something comes from nothing.
-Cites possible evidence universal constants are time varying.
-alternative: morphic resonance with collective memory creates appearance of natural law.

Consciousness is in your brain.
Alternative: Minds are extended beyond the brain and the mind projects out the image. This image interacts with the object (morphic resonance).