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Sorry for the late reply

"Can you please elaborate on how an oil company will profit by spilling a bunch of oil"

It's not a matter of profiting so much as they don't really need to care. When a spill happens, the government has the energy company's back: the supreme court would gladly whittle down their liability (as the USSC did after the exxon-valdez spill, bring charges of $10 billion down to less than a billion), the coast guard will help beat off bad press from getting near (as they did for the BP spill, threatening any journalist who comes within several thousand feet of cleanup operations with several years in jail or $40,000+ fines), and the secretary of the interior will even parrot bogus numbers on the extent of the damage FOR the oil company (as Ken Salazar did the day of the spill).

The oil company can even botch halting the spill several times over for months, dump two million gallons of neurotoxic carcinogenic chemicals in the ocean (corexit) and thumb their nose at the EPA when commanded to stop, and "lose" tens of thousands of claimants' info by keeping it on a single laptop that is then lost.

BP did all of the above, and the Obama administration played softball while talking tough the whole way! If it were another country that brought this disaster upon our own, it would be an act of war, but since it's a corporation with which Morgan Stanley has massive holdings in the form of derivatives, they are instead sheltered by out government.

FYI, all the oil cleanup tools, be it booms, nets, etc., are actually made from... you guessed it, petroleum. So even if a spill happens, there's profit to be had.

Do you really think oil companies will stop short of, say, trying to drill in the arctic just because the dangers are greater than ever? Please. They can't be arsed to care. They already are preparing to drill.

The legal system does jack shit to protect anyone and you know it. Corporations win. There are still people whose livelihoods were ruined by the gulf spill who haven't seen a penny.

Finally, you're wrong if you think competition will force anyone to play nice. When the bottom line is money, morality goes out the window.