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There we go

There we go, indeed the last 1 year of gold - all of 2012 - is nothing especially exciting, although it ended this high after a pretty sustained, impressive rise over 10 years - 2001 to 2011:

Up and down over the last year... Eventually... Pretty much even +/- 10% - from Q1 to Q4 '12 - after 1,800+ tops more than a year ago.

Now, look at the AU/AG ratio over the same disappointing last year of gold, precisely:

How interesting... drawing the trend line end to end... oh so "conveniently" kept high and rising inconspicuously, from 50+ to 55+, when gold is pausing its rise, or downright going down - over that period.

I do not think it's just a coincidence over these months of time.

Among the luckiest are those who have converted a part of their silver into gold in the last days of April, 2011 - DEFINITELY - as there hadn't been a better opportunity to do so SINCE 1980 (see the Hunt Brothers):

I have the feeling that "some ones" really have NO WISH to see another April 2011 coming any time soon...

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